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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flying Anywhere Over The Next Couple Months? Choose Southwest!

I've done a lot of flying, and I'm here to tell you that Southwest is the only way to go...

They have friendly service, easy check-ins and boarding, stress-free flights, FREE checked luggage (unlike almost every other airline these days), and they still serve snacks and drinks (again, unlike most airlines that have cut back due to the economy).

Right now they are offering a really sweet deal on flights! They have a list of one-way flights you can grab for only $39 a piece. WOW! That means if you take a round-trip somewhere, you're only paying $80 a ticket. Crazzzzyyy!

Couple of things you should know:
  • This deal is only good through February 11th, so you need to book your flight now, while the offer is still standing.
  • Travel dates that these discount prices are being offered for: March 15th - May 25th.
  • Like I said, these are select flights to specific cities. It's a HUGE list of flights to pick from, though, so you're bound to find the city combo that you need.
Hurry and get this while it's *hot*! But there are still some great deals out there when you travel Southwest, even without this promotion...

Oh, and you do know that you can trade your Swag Bucks in for Southwest gift cards, right? I have $150 worth of free airline tickets already!

What About You: Traveling anywhere some time soon? Will this come in handy?

Thanks, Saving Addiction!



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