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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Check Out Alison's Publix Savings!!!

Alison e-mailed me this past week about her incredible Publix trip. Check it out!

Here is what she bought (pictured above):

2 Santa Rita Chardonnay
6 packs Flat-Out Wraps
2 Simply Orange OJ
1 package strawberries
1 package asparagus
3 navel oranges
2 bunches bananas
2 bottles V8 Frusion juice
3 packs Benadryl
2 jars Prego spaghettie sauce
1 jar peanut butter
8 Yoplait Light yogurt
1 Yoplait Greek yogurt
1 gallon milk
2 All detergent
1 12-roll pack of Cottonelle
3 packs Buddig Deli Meat
2 Contessa frozen meals
2 bags Fast Fixin Chicken tenders
3 plum tomatoes
1 head of leaf lettuce
1 dozen eggs
1 bag Cape Cod chips
1 $50 BP Gas Card

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $204.18
Total saved from sales: $51.70
Manufacturer coupons used: $23.00
Store/Competitor coupons used: $34.19
Total amount saved: $108.89
Total paid after all sales and coupons: $95.29

Notice that she paid $95.29 total for everything, yet she bought a $50 gas card!!! The gas card really cost $40 because of the promotion, but think about those savings...her groceries only cost her about $50.

Go Alison! Thanks for sharing! Everybody be sure to congratulate her in the comments!

What About You:
Want to share your savings? Feel free to e-mail me with a picture (try to fit it all into one pic, if you can) and summary of what you bought and saved, and I will try to post it! I usually try to pick out one reader's savings each week to highlight! (My e-mail is listed under the "about me" section on the right).

*Also, I have started a new feature each week called Share Your Savings Saturday. I basically share my savings with you as usual, but then give everybody else a chance to share theirs as well! I know many of you have blogs, so fill free to link up your savings each Saturday! For those of you without blogs, be sure to leave comments on the Share Your Savings Saturday post, too!



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