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Monday, December 28, 2009

Worth Reading: A Few Helpful Posts!

In the past day or so, I have come across a few really helpful blog posts. I thought I would pass them along!

Ever wondered what time of year you can get an item at rock-bottom price? The Thrifty Divas have put together a really helpful post that outlines the best time of the year (by month) to buy different items. Go check it out! One of the top items on January's list? Sheets and Towels!

Couponers United posted the tentative schedule for coupon inserts for 2010. Kind of nice to know what to be looking for each week. I try to post the "Coupon Insert Preview" every week, but in case I slip up, you can have this bookmarked. ;)

There is a really awesome moneymaker deal on Bayer Meters at Walgreens this month. It's a lot to take in, so I thought I would just send you on over to Common Sense With Money to read more about it. This is great if you want to build your stash of Register Rewards (to use at Walgreens, or possibly Publix)...or if you know somebody in need of diabetes supplies. Just recently I was thankful to be able to bless somebody with all of the glucose meters I had stashed away. You never know when you'll be able to donate these kinds of things, or help somebody out! That's why I buy it any time it's free, whether I need it or not!



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