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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are You Buying Your Wrapping Paper?

Just wanted to give you a really great money-saving tip: Buy all of your Christmas wrapping supplies now for Christmas 2010!

It was so nice this year to be able to pull out my 7 rolls of beautiful wrapping paper that I bought for only $1 each or less last year during the post-Christmas sales!

Usually, I buy my bows, decorations, gift tags, and ribbon the day after Christmas at 50% off. I didn't go this year (I just haven't been in the mood to venture out into the rush and stress of the crowd). As far as wrapping paper is concerned, I usually wait until it is at least 75 % off, or even 90 % off. To me, 75 % off is the best sale, because it is a great price and there is still a wonderful variety of really pretty wrapping paper to choose from.

In my opinion, Target is the best place to grab some wrapping paper, so I would go check it out! I'm probably going to stop by there this week.

Lynn, over at Workin' The Deals, has a Target Holiday Clearance Schedule posted on her blog. For Christmas items, here is the break down:

50 % off the day after Christmas
75 % off the 4th day after Christmas (29th)
90 % off the 7th day after Christmas (1st)

Hope you can grab some great deals on wrapping paper for next year! =)

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