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Friday, February 5, 2010

Weight Loss Accountability Partners - Thank You!

Just wanted to say a great big thank you to all of you who have decided to join me on this journey to Getting Thin In 2010! I'm very excited to have so many of you doing this right along side with me. It's a great encouragement.

I look forward to posting about my ups and downs every week. I hope you will keep track of your progress, and post about it in the comments, too!

It was interesting to see that many of you are using some of the same methods that I am for losing weight (Zumba, Walking, Weight Watchers, etc.) I can't wait to talk about it in my next installment of Getting Thin in 2010 next week.

I do have to say one thing. Everybody is different. We all have different and unique body types, metabolisms, sizes, and weights that we are comfortable at. With that being said, everybody's goals will be very different. Some of you mentioned that I don't need to lose weight (and I appreciate the compliments!), but for me at this point in my life...I am at the heaviest I have ever been, and it is not a healthy weight according to statistics of what I should weigh at my age and height. I am very miserable and depressed, and I need to do this to be healthy and happy again. In addition, going down the frugal money-saving avenue...I must do this for our wallet's sake! I literally can not fit into almost my entire wardrobe. If I don't do something, I will have to go out and buy all new clothing - something that we can not afford to do right now.

So with that being said, let's all encourage each other in our goals and get pumped up! If you haven't joined yet, feel free to go to the Introduction post and tell us you're joining in. You can join in at any time throughout the next couple of months. =) I am so thankful to have this awesome support group.

What About You: Are you going to join us in our individual goals to get thin in '10? I hope so!



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