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Friday, February 5, 2010

How About A Free Movie Night?

Here's a great round-up of all the available free rental codes you can use at the Blockbuster DVD Kiosk right now:

Use these codes to get a FREE one-night rental:
  • W212A1 - valid only on Wednesdays, expires ?
  • KIOSK - expires Feb. 10th
  • GT9SA - expires Feb. 28th
Use these codes for buy one get one free one-night rental:
  • GW12B1 - expires Feb. 8th
  • POPCORN - expires Feb. 12th
  • GW11B2 - expires Feb. 19th
These codes are limit of one per credit/debit card. That's what is pretty cool - you can actually use them more than once if you have more than one card to put them on! When we use codes, we'll use it once on my debit card, once on Kyle's debit card, and then once on our credit card. It gives us 3 times' use with 1 code. Pretty nifty...

You have to get the movie back by 9 pm the next day, or there will be a late fee of $1 per extra night that you keep it. (Sometimes this one gets us!).

You can go here to find out if there is a Blockbuster Kiosk near you!

Oh, and these codes tend to be a little finicky at times. So I would write them all down so that you have a couple different ones to try while at the machine. Most of the time, these Blockbuster codes work really well. It's the Redbox codes that don't have as great success rates.

What About You: Planning a movie night this weekend?

Thanks for rounding these up, Couponing To Disney!



Blogger Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Thanks, I love free movies! I'm a new follower from Follow Friday. you can find me blogging here:

February 5, 2010 at 6:48 PM  

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