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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kaylee's Publix Trip!

Kaylee e-mailed me about her awesome Publix trip this week! Check out what she was able to get for only $20.31 (pictured above)!

2- Cape Cod Chips
1-Margret House Field Snaps and Peas
1-Publix Bread
2- Magic Tape
5- Tangerines
1-Nature Valley Granola Bars
3-Swiss Miss 10ct. Hot Choc.
6- Bush’s black beans
4-Betty Crocker Potatoes
2-Kraft Cream Cheese
2-Breyers Ice Cream
2- Publix 16 Slice Cheese Singles
1-Aunt Jemima French Toast
1-Aunt Jemima Pancakes
1-Cool Whip
2-Barber Chicken
1-Sara Lee Cheesecake
2- Coffee Mate Creamers
2-Glade Soy Candles

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $95.89
Total saved from sales: $36.13
Manufacturer coupons used: $17.90
Store/Competitor coupons used: $21.55
Total amount saved: $75.58
Total paid after all sales and coupons: $20.31

Anybody else want to jump on the Publix bandwagon? If you haven't, you need to! I can't stress it enough. You'll never save nearly as much at any other grocery store.

Kaylee was a dedicated Kroger-shopper just a couple months ago. She thought Publix prices were too high, until she discovered how much you can save there by combining coupons and sales!

If you want to start saving like this yourself, check out couponing basics, supermarket secrets, and principles of Publix to get started. You can do it, too! I promise...

Want to share your savings? Feel free to e-mail me with a picture (try to fit it all into one pic, if you can) and summary of what you bought and saved, and I will try to post it! I usually pick out one reader's savings each week to highlight! (My e-mail is listed under the "about me" section on the right)



Blogger The Swann's said...

Great buy Kaylee!!!

Makes me miss Publix so much more... *sniff, sniff*

December 23, 2009 at 10:31 PM  

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