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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reader Shares Her CVS Success!!!

Jeanne e-mailed me about her amazing CVS trip this week! Check it out...

Total out of pocket paid was $5.86 and here is what she got:

(1) Oral B dental floss
(1) Nivea Body Wash
(2) Revlon Moondrop Lipsticks
(1) 500ml Listerine Coolmint mouthwash
(1) Almay Mascara
(2) Glade Sense and spray air freshner systems
(1) 12oz box of Russell Stover Chocolates
(1) Snickers candy bar
(2) King Size Hershey candy bars

Total cost of items: $52.89 (this was after the savings with the extra care card - it would have be $73.78 without card)
Minus $35.97 Extra Care Bucks used
Minus $14.00 Vendor Coupons
Cost $2.92
Tax $2.94
Total Out of pocket $5.86
ECBs received: $8

So...she paid $5.86 for $73.78 worth of items, plus she walked away with $8 ECBs to use next time! Don't believe me that CVS allows you to get all your household items for free? I think this is proof. =)

Thanks for sharing, Jeanne! Congratulations on your savings success!!!

Want to share your savings? Feel free to e-mail me with a picture (try to fit it all into one pic, if you can) and summary of what you bought and saved, and I will try to post it! I usually pick out one reader's savings each week to highlight! (My e-mail is listed under the "about me" section on the right)



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