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Friday, March 5, 2010

Be On The Lookout...

I went to Publix tonight to fill a prescription for an antibiotic to hopefully finally get rid of this respiratory sickness I can't seem to beat...

While waiting on the prescription to be filled, I took a walk around the store in hopes of finding some hidden jewels...

My store is usually pretty bad about NEVER having the booklets, tearpads, or blinkies that everybody else talks about seeing in their stores. I was surprised, though! There were some great coupons. Here are some of the ones I saw, many of which go great with sales this week:

$2/2 shredded Kraft cheese
$1/1 Rold Gold Pretzels
$1 off ground beef when you buy 2 Kraft Cheese Singles
$1 off ground beef when you buy A.1. Sauce
$1 off Sunchips
$.75/1 Seapak Item
$.55/1 Healthy Balance Juice
$1/2 Progresso Broths
$1 off when you buy any Tostitos, Lay's, or Frito's Dips
Buy (2) 18-packs of Pepsi, get a bag of Tostitos free

I also found a booklet on the pharmacy counter full of great coupons for OTC medicines.

So just keep your eyes peeled! Saturday mornings are usually the best times to find coupons in-store, since that's their busiest day of the week.

To see the Publix Deals this week, go here. And don't forget about the new Under $1 Deals!

What About You: Do you have luck finding coupons in your store?



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