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Monday, February 1, 2010

Reminders: New Coupons, Nielsen Home Scan, & Uniball Pens!

Just a few reminders for ya:

First of all, it's officially February 1st, which means...NEW COUPONS! Yay! I love the beginning of each month, because many of my favorite coupons re-set and brand new ones are released as well! Be sure to go check out what new printable coupons there are! My friend Julie already alerted me to one that will go with the CVS Deals this week, so I'm going to add it in!

Next -- Wanted to let you know that Nielsen Home Scanner is still taking applicants! They are looking for specific zip codes (there is no way to know which ones), so you may or may not be accepted. Only way to know is to try, though! If accepted, I've heard it's a great way to earn some extra "money" from home. I explained the program more in detail here, so be sure to read all about it and apply if it's something that interests you!

Lastly, have you tried to get your free Uniball Pen yet? Don't forget that Uniball is giving away 10,000 FREE pens every day through April 30th! So don't give up on trying. =) The giveaway opens at 1:00 pm EST every day. I would try to grab it around that time, to be sure you're one of the very first people to sign up for the day!

What About You: What's your next step -- printing coupons? trying out the homescanning? signing up for the free pen?

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