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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mega Swag Bucks Day!

Don't forget to swag today! It's Friday (thank goodness), and you know what that means...BIG BUCKS for searching. Every Friday, you want to be sure to use Swag Bucks every time you search, because you have a bigger chance to win the large bills - 2, 3, 5, 10, 50, or even 100 with a single search. I've never been so lucky, but I've heard of many people who have been. I know it's real!

I just traded in some swag bucks over the past couple of days. I now have $100 worth of plane tickets, and $150 worth of Amazon gift codes (some of which will be used to buy my husband's birthday gift in February). I'm saving up to get some more Southwest Airlines gift cards. We're going to need to buy some plane tickets either for our anniversary, or when we go to see my dad this summer. =)

I'm also getting ready to donate some of my swag bucks for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund. Did you know you could do that? They had another earthquake a couple of days ago. My heart breaks for them. Continue praying, and go HERE to see what you can do! Please comment on my "Help For Haiti" post. My husband and I are donating $1 for every comment! It will only take a second! It's a free way for you to help out. Thank you!

In the meantime, I have contacted Swag Bucks about the possibility of me giving away some of my Amazon gift codes, and they told me Absolutely! So get ready...a giveaway is coming soon - how would you like to win a $50 Amazon gift code?

If you're completely clueless as to what all this Swag Bucks talk means, be sure to check out these posts HERE and HERE to learn more and get started. You get to earn bucks for searching the internet, and cash them in for prizes! It's an incredible program!

Happy Friday!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how many referrals do you have? You seem to get a lot of swag bucks - if you earn them other ways please tell us your tricks! I can only earn on average 5 a day

January 22, 2010 at 7:56 AM  
Blogger Meagan said...

Yes, I do earn many of my swag bucks through referrals. I have a lot of referrals, since I have this blog.

There are many ways to get swag bucks - codes, referrals, and searching are the best ways, though.

Although you may not be able to earn a HUGE amount from referrals, think about this:

Try to get just 5 of your friends to sign up under you. That's 5 to 10 extra swag bucks a day! One $5 Amazon gift card is only 45 swag bucks. So you'll earn at least $5 a week! That's $20 a month! Save that up over a couple of months, and you've got Amazon gift cards to use on birthday gifts or Christmas gifts!

I think Swag Bucks can be for anybody. You might not be able to earn TONS, but you can earn a substantial amount to make it worth it. After all, $20 a month is pretty good for doing something you already do!

Thanks for the question. I think I will do a Swag Bucks post in the next couple of weeks, explaining more in depth the best ways to take advantage of the program and earn the most.

Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck earning swag bucks!

Oh, and if you're earning 5 a day through searching, you're doing AWESOME! I never got that much from searching! =)

January 22, 2010 at 5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response!! I love your blog!! I can not wait to see your blog about swagbucks - I too am trying to start a blog of my own and still investigating on how to go about it. Can you tell me and everyone else when you redeem your swag bucks for an amazon gift card - how long do you have until you have to use it? and how many amazon gift cards can you use per purchase on amazon - I have searched the swag buck website to get answers and nothing - I think it is best to ask someone who has been doing swag bucks for a while!! Thanks again for answering my questions - and thank you for blogging!!

January 22, 2010 at 11:52 PM  
Blogger Meagan said...

As far as I know, your Amazon gift codes never expire.

You can use multiple gift codes per transaction. Back when I was buying my husband's Christmas gift, I used about 10 codes at one time! And, even on the last one, I had like $3 something left to pay. I used a $25 gift code, and it stored the remaining $22 in my account until I bought from them again! It's a great system.

Shoot me an e-mail, and I'd be glad to help you out some with starting your own blog! =) I have lots of suggestions, and mistakes I've learned from to tell you NOT to do! haha.

January 23, 2010 at 12:17 AM  

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