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Sunday, December 6, 2009

One More Awesome Winn Dixie Deal...

One of my readers, Jessica, sent me a fantastic deal that's going on at Winn Dixie through the end of the current sale ad (Tuesday, 12/8). I didn't see this on Sarah's list this week, so this is an additional deal to add to your weekly deals!

Here's the great deal:

Buy 4 Post cereals at 4/$10, get a FREE gallon of milk!
$1/2 Post cereal from today's SS (12-6-09)
*Use 2 coupons, and you'll pay only $8 for the 4 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk! Wow!

Now, I know I always say that I won't buy a box of cereal unless it's under $1, but this deal is great for 2 reasons:

1. Post cereal is one of the most difficult cereals to get at $1 or under. Even with the best sale out there (buy one get one free at Publix), and the highest value coupon that I ever see on it ($1/2, like in this case), you still end up paying about $2 a box. Every now and then you'll find a better deal, but it's very rare for Post cereal. They just don't put out high-value coupons.

2. It's worth it just for that free gallon of milk. That's at least $3 that you don't have to pay, and you always need milk!

So, if you like Post cereal and go through milk like crazy, this is a deal for you!

Thanks so much, Jessica! If you are a reader and come across deals, please e-mail me! I love getting info on deals from my readers. I can't do it alone! I'm only one person. =)



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