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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Announcement: Comment Moderation

Just wanted to let all of you know that I am lifting the comment moderation, so that you can directly post a comment without having to wait for my approval. This works best I think, since I am at work all day long, and many of the comments you leave are very helpful to other readers.

I have decided to do this because of a terrible fiasco I had this morning while I was moderating comments. My computer froze up, and I lost comments that were on the giveaways for some reason!!! Luckily, it was only one person who had left comments.

***Important*** I'm sure you know who you are. Can JKris please leave your comment on the BJ's giveaway again? So sorry for the trouble. I can't believe this happened to me!

Now that comment moderation is off, please be nice. If you have a problem with something, please e-mail me directly. You wouldn't believe the amount of nasty/rude comments bloggers receive. Some of them make me want to cry. I simply reject them and try to act as if it never happened...but it gets to you sometimes.

So on that note, have a great day, enter the giveaways (to the left), and your comments should go through instantly from now on! Thanks! =)



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