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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kohl's: 30% Off, Plus Free Shipping!

I love Kohl's. I am never an advocate of having a retail store credit card, but I will admit it...I have a Kohl's credit card. Why? Because every awesome deal there requires that you use your Kohl's credit card.

Want to know the great thing, though? You can pay off your card right there in the store, at the cash register. When I use my Kohl's card, I treat it like it's a debit card or cash. As soon as I buy something with it, I immediately ask the cashier if I can pay the amount that I just charged. =) This prevents bad spending habits and risk of credit card debt.

Anyways, the perks are great. First of all, everything in their store is at least 40% off. On top of that, I always go in there with a coupon that has been mailed to me. It's usually for 15%, 20%, or 30% off. Also, they do these "Kohl's cash" promotion periods from time to time, where you get $10 back for every certain amount that you spend!

Honestly, I'm very thrifty when it comes to clothing. I won't pay more than $5 for a shirt or $12 for pants. That's just my price range. I try to stay away from clothes shopping, as I have plenty of clothes in my closet. I feel that going retail shopping just promotes a feeling of want, seeing everything we don't have flashed in front of our faces. If I stay away, I find I am more thankful for what I already have, and I am not tempted to think that I need anything else. It's hard to be content when you go retail shopping. I'm getting off on a tangent. =)

Kohl's is great, though, because I love their clearance racks! I'll go in there and sift through the 90% off clearance rack, find shirts for less than $7, and then get 30% off on top of that! It's great!

Right now, if you shop online at using your Kohl's credit card, you can enter the code "NOVKC30" to get 30% off your entire purchase (including clearance items!). On top of that, you can get FREE shipping with the code "FREE4MCV". Oh, and this is one of those "Kohl's Cash" promotion periods. You will get $10 back for every $50 you spend.

Might be good for grabbing some Christmas gifts for really cheap. Just an idea...

Thanks, The Coupon High!



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