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Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Few CVS Updates...

Okay, first of all, get excited. You can still take the Medicare Part D quiz and receive a $5/$30 coupon! Yay! I love using these at Publix on my groceries, since they take competitor's coupons. It also makes for some sweet deals at CVS, especially with the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sale coming up this week! Michelle, over at Money Saving Madness, reports that this should be a coupon with a new barcode. So if you've used this coupon in the past, take the quiz again and it should produce a new barcode that you can use again at CVS. Good luck!

Next, be on the lookout in your CVS ad or at your register when you're checking out. There is a certificate that looks like this:

If you present this certificate once between November 1st and December 15th, you will receive double the extra bucks that you receive on your quarterly spending rewards. (Usually you receive 2% back on what you spend at CVS once per quarter. With this certificate, you will receive 4% back). It's not a huge amount, but it's something! =) Your 4% quarterly rewards will be available for you to spend in January. Thanks, Savings Cents with Sense!

Also, right now, for every CVS $25 e-gift card that you buy online, you will receive an additional $5 gift card. Might be nice if you're planning on giving somebody a CVS e-gift card. You could use the extra $5 for yourself in further sweetening some of your deals. E-gift cards can be used at any CVS location! Thanks, Hip2Save!

One final note...wondering about Black Friday at CVS? Here's how it usually works. There is the regular weekly ad (which I should be posting deals on here soon!). Then, there is a 2 or 3 day sale that starts on Thanksgiving Day. This is one of the biggest CVS days of the year! Last year, they had about 10-15 freebies after ECBs. You know those killer deals that are usually every now and then, maybe one deal a week? For example, you pay $6.99 and get back $6.99? There will be many of those! It's a great way to use the ECBs you currently have, use that $5/$30 above, use gift cards you have, and rack up your stash of ECBs using multiple transactions! (Planning is key! Haha!)

Happy CVS'ing!



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