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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Okay -- 'Fess Up!

All's confession time.

CVS has always been known for their shelves not being very stocked with the deals. Every coupon queen knows that if you want to get the sweet steals at CVS, you have to go on Sunday or Monday. Well it just so happens that at my store, for some reason, not many people used to like getting the deals (notice I say used to).

I have always been able to stroll on in to my CVS store on Wednesday and find the deal items I need on the shelves still. Not anymore, my friends...

Fruit Covians - it's time for you to confess. How many of you are taking all of my deals on Sunday at my local CVS? I went shopping Sunday night, all excited about getting some sweet freebies...only to find almost all of the items already gone. =) HeHe.

I'm totally playing with you. I am happy to see that some of my neighbors, friends, and readers are starting to grab more CVS Deals each week. =) I just thought it was funny that all of a sudden the shelves are empty when I go in. I'll just have to stay on top of my game and get in there earlier each week!

Meanwhile, here is what I was able to snag, despite the shelves already being cleared out (pictured above):

2 Ousts (Bonus Pack Deal)
1 Electrasol (wanted 2, but I won't be greedy)
1 Johnson Head-To-Toe Wash (Bonus Pack Deal; for a baby gift basket)

Coupons I Used:
Buy one get one free Oust
$2.50/1 Electrasol
$1/1 Head-To-Toe Wash
$3/$15 purchase (thanks to my friend, Silvina!)

Paid out of pocket: $7.02
Saved: $12.49
ECB's Received: $8.00

Oh, and I forgot to tell you -- turns out, I could not print my ECBs from the website. They could only be viewed on my account, but not printed. =( So I had to start over. What a bummer.

So I spent $7 to get back $8. That should get me rolling again...

You can see this week's CVS Deals here.

What About You: Have any CVS luck this week? Share your deals with us!



Blogger Juliana said...

I need to go to CVS! I am following you from FF, I am almost a week late, but better than never right? I am now your newest follower, so please come back and follower as well. I look forward to getting to know you better. Have a great rest of your week. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog!

February 3, 2010 at 4:03 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

I went to CVS on 2 of the Dove men care washes and a tube of toothpaste. I used $10 in ECBs , spent $1.50 oop (a dollar was tax) and got back $12.98 in ECBs!

February 3, 2010 at 5:00 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

This happened to me too, but on a Monday afternoon!!! The entire shelf at CVS containing the free Dove Men Care washes were empty!

That's like 11 extra bucks!!! instead of leaving, I asked the cashier to see if they had any in stock. She said NO without even looking!!! She told me they were out.

Then I asked a manager on the floor, and he came out with two bottles for me! :) So I got them afterall! :)

Just goes to show you 2 things:
1. Just because it's not on the shelf, doesn't mean they don't have it.
2. Once again, cashiers just don't know what's up!!!!

February 3, 2010 at 11:28 PM  

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