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Friday, January 15, 2010

Another All You Magazine Deal! **HOT**

Just recently, I posted about the awesome 2-year subscription to All You Magazine for only $1 per issue after the $10 credit. That deal is still going through January 31st, so you can still grab it. (Go here for all the info on that).

There is now a second option, though. If you'd like to try it for only 1 year, and pay a little less out of pocket, you can get the 1-year subscription on Amazon for only $15 right now. Also, you will get the "All You Guide to Health & Fitness" for free!

Both are great deals. This magazine sells for about $2.50/issue at Walmart. With the 1-year subscription, you're paying $1.25 an issue. With the 2-year subscription, you're paying $1 an issue. You have to pay twice as much out of pocket on the 2-year issue deal, though, since that price is after the $10 credit bonus.

Your choice! Great magazine to have, though! Each issue has about $50 worth of coupons, sometimes way more! It's totally worth the money. I include these coupons in my store match-ups every week. Plus, it's a really great magazine in general. Lots of great tips, recipes, etc.

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