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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits and Tips: Blinkies & Tearpads

Often, when I am posting deals for stores, you might see coupons called "blinkies or tearpads."

First of all, blinkies are the coupons that slide out of a little machine in the aisle of a store (pictured above). You pull it to take it, and another one comes out. These are most often placed directly in front of the product it can be used on. A tearpad is simply a pad that you can tear coupons off of, usually placed on cardboard displays. They are often seen on end caps of aisles.

Second of all, many people have asked me, "Where do you find that blinkie or tearpad? I don't see it at my store!" Blinkies and tearpads are very random. I often see store deal postings about blinkies and tearpads that I have never seen in my store anywhere. Blinkies and tearpads usually don't expire for a very long time. Their expiration dates are a lot farther out than most normal coupons. Therefore, a lot of times the blinkies or tearpad coupons you are seeing listed in weekly store deal match-ups are from months and months ago. Also, blinkies and tearpads differ from chain to chain, region to region, and even from store to store within a chain.

It can be very frustrating, I know. The best thing you can do is to simply keep your eyes peeled when you are at any store: National Chain, Grocery, or Drug stores. Blinkies and tearpads can be anywhere! Pick up coupons any time you see them, no matter what they are for. You never know when you might use them for a freebie deal later on down the road!

Some people go through various stores looking for these, even if they aren't even planning on shopping there. I don't have the time for that, so I just stick to my few stores that I shop at, and pick up coupons along the way. =]

Hope that helps! In summary, be sure to pick up blinkies and tearpads everywhere you go! Happy couponing!



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