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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Publix Deals (10/29 - 11/4)

If you are new to Publix, start here. If you're a beginner, be sure to check your store's coupon policy. Florida stores do not double coupons. In other states, check you store for info on whether or not they double coupons. Prices vary slightly from store to store, depending on your area.

Looks like a great week!

Here are the best deals I see this week:

Buy One Get One Free Deals:

Mueller's Pasta, regular or 100% whole wheat (EXCLUDING Lasagna and Jumbo Shells) BOGO $1.39
$.55/1 whole wheat printable coupon
$.55/2 from 10-4-09 SS
*Best Deal: Use the $.55/1 coupons to pay only $.15 per box of whole wheat pasta!

Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice BOGO $1.49
$1/3 or $1/2 from 9-13-09 RP
*Best Deal: Use the $1/2 to pay only $.25 each!

Perdue breaded chicken nuggets or chicken tenders (12 oz package) BOGO $4.39
$1/1 from 10-18-09 RP
*Pay only $1.20 per package after coupons!

Green Giant frozen veggies BOGO $3.49
$.50/1 printable coupon
$1/2 from 9-13-09 SS

$.40/1 from 10-4-09 SS or 9-13-09 GM

$4 off the purchase of 4 General Mills products (store coupon in the Publix ad this week!)

*Best Deal: Buy 4 packages. If your store doubles, use (4) $.50/1 coupons. Stack that with the $4 off Publix coupon to get all of them for FREE, plus overage! If your store does NOT double, you can still get them for $.25 each using these same coupons!

Shedd's Spread Country Crock Butter BOGO $1.89
$.40/1 or $.30/1 from 9-20-09 RP (depending on region)
$.50/1 printable coupon
$.55/1 plus calcium printable coupon (if included)

*Best Deal: If your store doubles, use the $.40 or $.30 coupon to pay as low as $.15 each!

Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers (assorted varieties) BOGO $3.29
$1.50/2 from 10-4-09 RP
$.75/1 printable coupon

*Pay only $.90 per box after using either (1) $1.50 coupon or (2) $.75 coupons!
Great price for Cheez-Its! This is about as low as they go! (My favorite snack ever!)

Arnold WholeGrains, Grains and More, or Country Bread (24 oz loaf) BOGO $3.69
$.55/1 from 10-11-09 RP
*Pay only $1.30 per loaf after coupons!

Breyers Ice Cream (assorted varieties) BOGO $4.99
$1/2 or $.75/1 from 10-18-09 RP
*Pay as low as $1.75 each after coupons! This is a
great price for Breyers, about as low as it goes. Every now and then, there will be a higher value coupon than those listed above, but usually this is the best deal.

Near East Rice Pilaf, Couscous, Taboule, or Whole Grain Blends BOGO $2.19
$1/2 printable coupon
*Pay only $.60 each after coupon!

Fresh Express Salad Blends BOGO $3.99
$.55/2 from 10-14-09 SS
$.55/2 printable coupon

Kraft Velveeta Cheese (16 oz box) BOGO $3.59
$1.50 off any store brand chips when you buy 1 Velveeta and 2 cans Rotel (Tearpad coupon)
$1 off chicken when you buy 1 Velveeta and 2 cans Rotel (Tearpad coupon)

*Also, some Rotel coupons: $.50/1 printable coupon and there are $.50/2 blinkie coupons in the store right now (
Thanks, Meghan!)

Hershey's Kisses, Miniatures, Nuggets, Reese's, or Kit Kats Assortments (38.5 or 40 oz bag) BOGO $9.99
$1/1 Hershey's Kisses from 9-13-09 SS
$.55/1 Reese's from 8-23-09 SS

*Best Deal: Buy 2 bags of Kisses, and use (2) $1/1 coupons above. You'll pay only $4 for each bag.

M&M's, Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, and Twix (34.5 to 42 oz bag) BOGO $9.99
$1/2 from 10-11-09 RP

Wonka Assorted Candy or Nestle Assorted Miniatures (40 or 48 oz bag) BOGO $8.99
$2/1 printable coupon
$1/1 printable coupon

*Best Deal: Use (2) $2/1 coupons to pay only $2.50 each! Great deal, considering how huge the bags are!

Hershey's Bliss Chocolates (8.6 or 9.6 oz bag) BOGO $4.39
$1/2 from 9-20-09 SS
*Pay only $1.66 each after coupon!

Solo Heavy Duty Paper Plates (assorted sizes and quantities of packages) BOGO $2.79
$.75/1 printable coupon
*Pay only $.65 each after coupons!

Glass Plus Cleaner (32 oz) BOGO $2.49
$1/1 or $.50/1 from 8-23-09 SS (depending on region)
$1/1 printable coupon

*Use the $1/1 coupons to pay only $.25 per bottle!

Kodak Funsaver 35 Flash Disposable Camera (27 exposures) BOGO $5.99

Publix Deli Coleslaw (16 oz) BOGO $2.29

Flatout Fold-It Artisan Flatbread BOGO $2.89

Breakstone Sour Cream (8 oz cup) BOGO $.99

Other Great Deals:

Pillsbury Ready To Bake or Simply Cookies 3/$6
$1/1 Simply Cookie from 9-13-09 GM
$1.25/1 Simply Cookie printable coupon

$1/1 Simply Cookie printable coupon

$4 off the purchase of 4 General Mills products (store coupon in the Publix ad this week!)

*Best Deal: Buy 4 of them. Stack the $1/1 and $1.25/1 coupons with the $4 off Publix coupon! If you use all $1/1 coupons, you'll get them for FREE! If you use all $1.25/1 coupons, you'll get them for free plus overage (if your store allows it). Or you could do a combo of the two coupons.

Yoplait Smoothies (7.6 oz bag) 2/$5
$1/1 from 10-4-09 SS
$4 off the purchase of 4 General Mills products (store coupon in the Publix ad this week!)

*Best Deal: Buy 4, stack (4) $1/1 coupons with the $4 store coupon to pay only $.50 per bag!

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, Entrees, or Croissant Sandwiches 2/$4
$1/1 or $1/2 Bowls from 8-30-09 RP (depending on region)
$1/1 Sandwiches from 10-4-09 RP

$1/1 or $.75/1 Entree from 8-30-09 RP

$1/1 Target printable coupon

*Best Deal: Stack the $1/1 coupons with the $1/1 Target coupons to get each one for FREE!

Dannon Yogurts (6 oz cup) 20/$10
$1/10 from 9-13-09 SS or 9-27-09 SS
*Pay only $4 for 10 yogurts after coupon! (Not a
great deal, unless you love Dannon yogurt)

Birds Eye Steamfresh Meals For Two (24 oz bag) $4.99
BOGO Free coupon from 10-18-09 SS
$1.50/1 printable coupon
$1/1 Blinkie coupon

*Deal: Buy 2, use BOGO and $1.50 coupon, and pay only $1.75 for each bag!

General Mills Cereal (Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Golden Grahams, Cinnamon Toast Crunch) 4/$10
$.55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios printable coupon here, here, or here
$1/1 Cheerios printable coupon

$1/2 GM cereals from Better At Home booklet

$.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable coupon here or here

$1/2 Nature Valley from Better At Home booklet

$.40/1 Nature Valley printable coupon here, here, here, or here

$1/2 or $.70/2 Nature Valley from 10-4-09 SS (depending on region)

$1/2 or $.40/1 Nature Valley from 9-13-09 GM (depending on region)

$4 off the purchase of 4 General Mills products (store coupon in the Publix ad this week!)

*There are many ways to make this deal awesome, depending on what product you want to buy. Just buy 4, and stack your choice of manufacturer coupons with the $4 Publix coupon.
*Absolute Best Deals: Cheerios - $.50 each after coupons. Honey Nut Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch - $.95 each after coupons.
***And don't forget about the FREE movie tickets when you buy General Mills cereal!

International Delight Coffee Creamer 2/$3
$.75/1 printable coupon
*Pay only $.75 each after coupon!

Royal Gala Apples 3lb bag $2.49

Georgia Sweet Corn 8/$2

White Potatoes $1.99
*Potato rebate HERE

Go HERE to see some other great match-up freebies/overage deals with the awesome $4 in-ad Publix coupon.

Some great coupons to have on hand:
$4/1 Knox coupon
Harvey's coupon for $1/$3 produce purchase!
$1 off of apples Target coupon
$.75/1 pineapple
$4 off 4 GM products (from Publix ad this week)

$5/$25 CVS Flu Quiz Coupon that was available recently (no longer available)

Go here to see the Publix weekly ad on their website. Go here or here to see the remainder of the deals with coupon match-ups!

Thanks, I Heart Publix!

If you have any questions or want to share about your deals, feel free to comment below or e-mail me! Happy Publix shopping!



Blogger Nicole said...

Yea! Looking forward to this trip! Thanks!!!

October 30, 2009 at 12:46 AM  
Blogger Meagan said...

Welcome! =) I know, it's a GREAT week!

October 30, 2009 at 1:18 AM  

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