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Sunday, September 6, 2009

We interrupt these "basics" posts for one announcement...

When I first started setting up this blog, I didn't anticipate having it up so quickly!

I need to make an interruption really quick! If any of you have just read my first post about the basics of couponing, I need to inform you of something important!

There are no coupons in today's Sunday paper, due to the fact that it is a holiday weekend. There are not usually coupons in the Sunday paper on holiday weekends.

So don't run out today to buy the newspaper!

Just a word of advice, before I buy my papers every Sunday, I usually check to make sure there are coupons in it. Two reasons: 1. Every now and then there aren't. 2. I like to double check that the specific copy of the newspaper I'm picking up does indeed have all the coupons that are supposed to be there. Sometimes they fall out in transit, or an insert gets left out when the circulars are being stuffed in the newspapers.



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