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Monday, September 7, 2009

So you don't want a cluttered e-mail inbox...

People have been asking me lately, "Well, I want to sign up for all of these freebies that you're telling me about, but I just don't want to get so much spam and newsletters in my e-mail inbox!"

It's hard to avoid, unfortunately. In order for a company to give you a free product, sample, or coupon, you're most always going to be "signing up" for something. That something is usually a simple newsletter that may come in your e-mail every day, week, or month. It's not that big of a deal, because it's not really spam. You signed up for it. It's just clutter, and it's hard to find all of your personal e-mails when you're having to sift through all of the newsletters and offers.

There's one simply solution: get another e-mail address that you use specifically for signing up to get freebies and coupons! That's what I do. I have one personal e-mail address and one e-mail address that I always use when signing up for something. Gmail is the best e-mail, in my opinion. Sign up here. I love it! It's very clean cut, and I rarely get any extra spam. I have 3 accounts with them!



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